My name is Mark.

I am a print/web designer and front-end developer,
Notts County fan, triathlete and general cycling enthusiast

About me

Hi, my name is Mark Williamson.

I'm a print/web designer and front-end developer working Warwickshire, UK. I work for the county's greatest design and digital agency, Jellyhaus. I'm a runner rower triathlete who is snapping at the heels of way behind the world's elite.

A bit about Jellyhaus. We do:

Web Design

Everything from user interface design to custom Wordpress installations.

Print Design

Brochures, leaflets, direct marketing. Long live print!

Digital Media

Corporate presentations, digital magazines and eLearning amongst other things.


Learning Management Systems, E-Learning Modules, Information Management Systems

What no pictures?! Head over to Jellyhaus